Just a few months ago I was busy celebrating a life of abject nihilism, wallowing in the womb-like comfort of well practised victimhood and bleating to anyone who’d listen about how abjectly pointless everything was. I’m in a slightly different place now. As a result, I’ve trashed all my previous posts which were largely self indulgent monologues picking over the sorry details of my depression and wondering out loud which of the horrible things that have happened to me in the past might be the best excuse for my horrible present and which might prove the most durable excuses for my no doubt horrible future. I hope that some of them might, in some strange way, have provided some comfort to the odd digital nomad who might have stumbled upon them. If anyone who may have found them useful wanders back and feels in any way disappointed to find them gone, drop me a line, as we used to say in the olden days.

I hope this largely invisible little corner of the interweb will now have a more positive influence on those who find themselves here as the result of some distracted wrong turn or other. It’s the emerging tale of how I came to discover how so much I believed about the world turned out to be nonsense and wishful thinking, and a record of how I’m now seeking to re-calibrate my vision to accommodate the changing landscape.

Some of this radical change in attitude is almost definitely down to taking the white pill – 20mg Citalopram each morning with the day’s first cup of coffee – and some of it was initiated by taking the red pill – THAT interview with Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman…


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  1. I like your writing, though I only found it having used a different search engine than usual, as google appear to be quite selective when it comes to Tommy Robison. I took my red pill a few months before you and taken a similar Sam Harris, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubins route to enlightenment. I was so excited that Jordan Peterson had come to the UK and watched as I thought that the main stream media couldn’t ignore the truth and logic he would bring. As I saw the Cathy Newman interview I was thinking ‘wow, she hasn’t bothered to find out anything that Peterson has ever said’ and watched her set herself up throughout.

    Watching how wilfully the MSM have misrepresented Jordan Peterson since, and how Ch4 tried to play the whole thing- well I guess I swallowed a second red-pill, the first one not having been as effective as I had thought. I now see our MSM and politicians contorting themselves to ignore real things that are happening in society everyday. They keep ramming the opinions of the hard left and peddling vacuous explanations for things they do want to cover. I think of the recent Russia episode – there are some very grounded and knowledgeable people on the subject in our society that could be approached. The most high-profile of which I would say is Peter Hitchens- the only person so far who appears to have approached him for the purpose appears to be George Galloway.

    Like I think you mentioned- no MSM reporting of Tommy Robinson at Speakers Corner yesterday. I can’t help thinking that they are saving it up to spin into something else in the future. I also suspect that if violence had erupted yesterday, as long as it could have been spun to discredit Robinson- it would have been. It is very important for us to make our views known or at least to tackle politically correct views at every encounter. I have found that simply saying “Why?” when someone spouts off a self evident leftist truth is quite an effective intervention. I see it as the possible first seed of awakening people.

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