Tommy Robinson is dead – long live Tommy Robinson. No, he’s not dead really, thank goodness – he’s just been booted off Twitter, exorcised by the bleating priests of outrage. Forever, apparently. And that’s all well and good, it’s a private space and they can have whoever they want in it. He’s been thrown out as a result of a coordinated campaign by a gang of snot nosed cry babies who’ve gone squealing to teacher over and over again until exasperated teacher has expelled the (relatively) innocent kid just to shut everyone up. A catastrophic home goal, I think. Hydra-like, Tommy’s online presence has been temporarily beheaded, but there are already fresh heads with fresh teeth teeming from the stumps – a growing sense of people pulling together, beginning to get organised. There’s been a greater level of civility amongst people who might have been calling each other cunts yesterday; today it feels like they’re beginning to appreciate that maybe there are more things that unite us than divide us. Pulling together to bring down the enemy seems like a more realistic endeavour now we can begin to see what the enemy really looks like. And of course, Tommy Robinson isn’t dead. Maybe his enforced exile from Twitter may have positive effects all round – maybe he’s more effective standing in the streets, rallying the masses. Time will tell.

I blundered into a brief stand off with some real life altRight types last night. Someone had posted Jordan Peterson’s piece addressing the altRight and what they ridiculously refer to as the Jewish Question, and some of Richard Spencer’s supporters were demanding that Peterson step up and debate Spencer. I jumped in to say it would make for an hilarious spectacle and was swarmed by people seeking to correct me on this score. To be honest, despite some initial posturing and vague mutual belligerence, it was all pretty polite and I bowed up with a reading list that people had kindly furnished me with and some relief and surprise that nobody called me a cuck or a soy boy. I don’t really understand the whole altRight thing – I guess it’s more of an American phenomena; and I’m not sure I understand the problem they have with Jordan Peterson or what benefits they think they’d get from seeing him debate with Richard Spencer. I’ve never really seen Dr Peterson as a political beast – and I was confused to read people obliquely suggesting that he might have altRight leanings. It seems that a man preaching personal responsibility, virtuous behaviour and truth telling is now seen as at least bordering on being a fascist. So I guess I see why he may have sought to distance himself from the flakier edges of the right wing. But I need to look into the altRight for myself. I’ve seen Spencer being interviewed and he seems a little ridiculous, if earnest, and I find the whole white supremacy thing not really to my taste. Having said that, I suppose I’m okay with supremacists of any shade so long as their mission is the advancement of their own race rather than the subjugation of another. It’s this whole JQ (Jewish Question) guff that really gets me. It just seems so utterly at variance with any sane world view, entirely a paranoid teenage Nazi’s basement dwelling confection, all SS memorabilia and Hitler shrines in the bedroom. Nothing’s ever going to convince me I have anything to fear from a worldwide Jewish conspiracy. And I don’t know enough of what else these guys believe to really have an opinion. I’ll read up, and hopefully have some more civil discussion with those on the inside. Knowledge is power and all that jazz – and we can all benefit from that. Maybe beyond the crazy Zog bullshit there’s some common ground – at this stage, I really don’t know. I don’t know if racism is a non-negotiable part of the altRight deal. I guess I’ll find out. I was impressed by the seriousness and sincerity of the guys who jumped to Spencer’s defence – so I’m keeping an open mind. Not so open that my brain’s about to fall out, but – well, open enough.



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