Jordan Peterson made me do it: Two

So, having developed a bit of a taste for Dr Peterson, I began poking around on YouTube, and this was where the journey really began. The next thing I watched was:

Jordan Peterson being interviewed by Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan came across as affable and open minded so I hung around and got introduced to Brett Weinstein.

Brett Weinstein took me to Gad Saad, and I briefly ran away from Gad Saad talking to Tommy Robinson and ran back to Brett Weinstein, who introduced me to his wife, Heather Heying and his brother Eric.

Heather Heying led me to Helen Pluckrose and made me take a closer look at James Damore.

James Damore took me back to Joe Rogan and so onto Sam Harris, then to Douglas Murray, then a little closer to Tommy Robinson, but I ran away again.

After running away from Tommy Robinson I  encountered Stefan Molyneux, watched Richard Spencer getting punched, then returned to Jordan Peterson.

From Jordan Peterson, on to Claire Lehmann, Jonathan Haidt then took me back to Tommy Robinson, then on to Majiid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali then back to Douglas Murray again.

Quite a journey so far, though not at all unusual. I see the same names arranged into similar constellations everywhere I look these days. There are some I’ve forgotten, some I’ve yet to encounter, but I’m grateful to each and every one of them for taking my mind and giving it a vigorous shaking. The lion’s share of appreciation has to go to Jordan Peterson – listening to him talk made me question the corrosive nihilism that had sunk into my marrow; he seemed to present a case that the ‘catastrophe of life’ could be unflinchingly accepted and that purpose – rather than futility – could be wrestled from the horror and the hardship, that perhaps even a higher meaning could be divined if we constantly dig for truth, no matter how hard the digging. It’s terrifying that we live in an age where his message of personal responsibility and search for and commitment to the greater good is seen as somehow dangerous and controversial; it just goes to show how wilfully infantilised we’ve become when someone telling us to grow up can strike some absolute terror into our hearts…


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