quiet rant

There’s no doubt that the world’s going mad, not that it was ever a stronghold of sanity in the first place. In the West we watch the citizens of our once proud nations being blown to pieces, beheaded, shot, stabbed and smeared across pavements by braying Islamists who we invited here – and we bow our heads and shuffle away, shrugging, while our governments tell us there’s nothing to see here. They draw a sheet across it all, sparing our eyes, soothing us with TV and welfare and manufactured outrage and the cosy glow we feel bathed in the virtue of victimhood. We have men in dresses beating up women, denying biology, lipsticked cuckoos plundering the nests that others have fought for. We have yapping children on the left of the playground, shouting down anyone who dissents, sticking their jammy fingers in their ears and chanting ‘racist’,’facist’,’hater’ to drown out difficult logic. We have a political system that no longer even bothers with the courtesy of sleight of hand – they have one fist in our pocket and the other pulling our strings, and they couldn’t give a fuck that we can see them, that we know what they’re doing. Because what are we going to do? Really? They’re counting on us staying here in the shadows, consoling each other with the balm of cyber comradeship, talking endlessly of what we’re not going to go, grumbling that we’re not going to take it anymore while continuing to take it. Where do we go from here?


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