Day One

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how” is one of those oven ready Nietzsche quotes that lots of people kind of know without having the first idea where it’s from, and I am one of those people. But that aside, what constitutes an adequate ‘why’? A vague longing to reach the next level of Hungry Shark? An unfinished argument with some anonymous nobody on Twitter on a subject neither of you know anything about? A job to do, the next George RR Martin to read? Really? Any of them going to make bearing that how any more enjoyable? I was talking to a friend today about what you can do with you lose motivation, when you seem to see the big, ragged hole at the centre of it all, the blasted, hanging sphincter of nihilism at the centre of the universe, sucking all light towards its super massive, flatulent void. How can you ever unring that particular bell? Can you ever regain your faith, your belief that there’s some meaning to it all? Can you talk your way back into religion or trust? A few months ago I made some kind of roadmap out of pictures of Jordan Peterson, a fresh prescription for Citalopram and a new found political consciousness – but when I look at it now it just looks like a load of scribble on the back of a joke book, barely legible in the flickering light cast from the always on laptop, twenty four hours a day of radicalisation and bug eyed conspiracy theories…

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