Mandy & 2CB – A Review

So we took 25mg of 2CB each and waited to see if we’d die.  We stood around in my kitchen, looking at reassuring information on our phones, then sat in the front room listening to music and waiting for things to get cosmic. Things failed to get cosmic, so we put Mandy on, and for a while it seemed to be nudging me on the right direction. Were things a little more cosmic than they would have been otherwise? Perhaps. There was some weird shit with Ken Barlow’s son and Karen Carpenter and some freaky facial morphing shenanigans going on and Nicholas Cage, roaring in his underpants, but it was hard to tell if any of it was anything to do with drugs. We took a break and went down into the kitchen so I could roll a cigarette and she said it looked like my hair had grown and I said I felt taller, but when we’d taken acid together the other year everything had been very fucked up in a very hilarious and unmistakable way. She even went to the shop and bought crisps. I thought that was maybe beyond me but, once again, maybe that was nothing to do with drugs. We went and watched the rest of the movie. It was fucking bonkers. My mind started to feel itchy, like it was sick of tripping, only without having had a trip, She had a cup of tea and went home. The End,

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