Insufficient Funds Remaining

Is there a difference between ‘depression’ and a pathetic lack of moral substance? How would you know? How would you really know that you couldn’t just TRY HARDER? What do we owe the world? We owe our children parents, for as long as we can afford it. We have to carry our load. Could we carry a heavier one? Is this the best we can do? Is this really acceptable? I drag myself to work and I drag myself back home and everything just seems like mildewed stuffing, plugging some ragged hole in time. I try to breathe. I try to make it back to shore. I do what I can – or do I? Is it enough? Is it adequate? Is it really the best that can be expected and is the best that can be expected anything more than some two bit side show? Sucking in plastic, eyes rolling back, achieving nothing, amounting to nothing, insufficient funds remaining.

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