Tetsuo & Ketamine – A Review

We had no idea how much of the ketamine to take so I racked up a couple of lines that looked somewhere between not enough and too much and then halved them. I put Tetsuo on with the volume down and some tunes playing and we took a sniff each. I started explaining at length how this film – with its rotating  stainless steel penis, blood spattered self injury and endless stop motion sequences where things rust and mutate = changed my life. A cat and a microwave are devoured by a churning mass of constantly evolving metal. A demonic woman sodomises a gurning salary man with what looks like a Hoover pipe. Changed my life. Made me what I am today. My friend suddenly announced she was entirely free of her chronic pain and then ran to the toilet and threw up, repeatedly. I did another cheeky line and offered help and reassurances that nobody was going to die in my flat today. She ate a crisp and then laid down in my hallway, unsure of where she was relative to time and space, threw up some more and then we went to watch the rest of the movie. The end.

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