The End of the World as we Know it

A letter in this week’s edition of my local paper:

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I took her 94 year old Mother for a stroll along the promenade, we decided to sit on one of the new refurbished shelters. The smell was rather offensive and we then noticed a pile of human faeces at the side of the shelter, along with a beer can and an empty cigarette packet. [This shit hole town] is no longer a pleasant place to visit, which is such a shame as I have been coming here since the 1950s, when I enjoyed many a great holiday as a young boy. We decided to get back to the car quickly, we were met in the town centre by a group of about 15 smoking children on bicycles, all loitering around the McDonalds. They were extremely intimidating, the language was foul and one of the older boys proceeded to spit on the floor just feet from my Mother-in-law’s wheelchair. The youngest looked no older than 9 or 10 years old and not a parent in sight to control them. We will not be returning anytime soon, I am afraid the police are now well and truly out of their depth. Society as our generation knows it has collapsed. I do not know what the answer is anymore.

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