Keep Calm & Drop Dead

So, here in the UK we’re nearly 2000 confirmed cases into the Covid 19 outbreak. Our PM is displaying a great talent for dissembling and woeful ignorance regarding our national character. He’s not actually been as dreadful as I’d expected, but the government’s response seems to be timid and over cautious. Boris makes a lot of statements regarding ‘drastic measures’ – but is too afraid to take any. Yesterday he ‘urged’ the British public to stop going to the pub so as to avoid passing on the virus. Within an hour my local pub was full; today when it opened at lunchtime they had a bunch of beer stained UK flags hanging off the bar, presumably to suggest some kind of plucky, we’re all in it together, remember the war type spirit. If that was their intention, they might have been better off with a swastika flag; seems to me that this meatheaded disregard of the very little advice we’ve had regarding how to stay safe and keep each other safe is more like consorting with the enemy than keep calm and carry on. Boris, it’s no good ‘urging’ these people. ‘Urging’ hasn’t stopped them swarming the shops like locusts with an obsession for rectal hygiene. There’s no toilet paper to be had throughout the nation. The shops are bare – the pubs are full, These people have no community spirit, no common sense, no interest in anything beyond their own squalid and selfish little lives. They are, frankly, fucking stupid. ‘Urging’ them is going to get us all killed. These people are not made of the same material that got us through the Blitz.

The message has no substance. In effect, there is no message. They have a plan. For later. We will watch and wait. They will do things as they need to be done. What these things are – who knows?

In the meantime, people carry on in exactly the same way as they did two months ago, only with a growing divide between the have toilet paper and the have nots. Breathing on each other.

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