The Shaky World

This world you see is not the world in which you live. We’re on a chunk of rock, spinning as it hurtles through space – and it shakes and judders as it rumbles through the seething universe. Everything around you is rattling violently, but your brain presents you with a low resolution approximation so you can get on with your life without spending all your time clinging to the carpet or holding onto the furniture, just as it doesn’t bother you with the kind of sensory information available to bats or dolphins or trees, Reality is bursting at the seams with information that’s not useful to you – all around you, the fabric of space and time is constantly coming apart, sewing itself together, inventing and evolving – so your brain hides it from you. You’d go crazy if you could see it all all of the time – it’s so profoundly and frighteningly unlike everything you believe.

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