falling apart

The last few months have been an interesting time for everything, and a particularly trying time for the elderly, the infirm and malignant misanthropes such as myself, who have spent the time locked in their dark, tiny flats, hating their revolting neighbours from behind twitching curtains, and then – once we’d soused our neighbours in as much vitriol as we could muster – hating people on other continents via Twitter.

From my own personal trench on this godforsaken rock, a geographic beauty spot – demographic shit hole, I’ve seen so much selfish behavior – the pub next door, packed with steaming drunks bellowing Karaoke classics from I Know Him So Well to Come on Eileen in each others’ bloated, sweaty faces before spilling out into the street and brawling outside my window; the shops and supermarkets full of swaggering idiots, special people, too special to have to adhere to the same rules as the rest of us; the self obsessed overgrown child upstairs whose flat has been full of bawling idiots all through the lockdown; America falling to pieces , burning streets full of humorless, fascistic children who just want to tear everything down without the merest coherent idea of what to replace it with; millions of humans having hair and organs harvested in camps while the whole world mutters ‘never forget’ and ‘never again’ and looks the other way.

It’s insanity and hideousness on a local and global scale – as a species we seem to be throwing everything we’ve ever learned on the fire just to have something to burn…

And me – I just feel like I missed my stop a few years back; I should have got off the bus but I was asleep or reading or just not paying attention and ever since then I’ve been gazing despondently out of the window as we head deeper and deeper into unrecognisable territory, darker and darker, as the armies of the oncoming night ready their weapons and prepare to turn civilisation into a funeral pyre…

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