Ages of Man

First we find that we can’t slumber forever in dark amniotic oceans

Then we learn we are forever alone, separated by our skin from the universe

Then we discover our tiny, grasping hands belong to us

We learn to walk and find we can fall

Pain & discomfort become a constant

We find that love does not surround us

People are cruel and hateful

We find out our hearts can be broken

Even sadder, we can always bear it

We have no choice

We find we’ve been sold, on a contract we never signed

And will tread water forever, just to not drown

We find we decay

Sight and teeth are shed along the way

We learn we have a prostate

We learn the love for those we can’t protect or control

Will keep us awake – most nights

We find the end is ahead, without having gone anywhere

We discover that pain and sorrow have no limit

It was all a joke

And it wasn’t funny

We learn that death will not wait until we’ve found meaning

We learn there is nothing more


    1. Thank you, Ken – it could almost certainly have been more polished, but it was just something that came to me when I was out walking and I just bashed it out as soon as I got home 🙂 All the best.

      Liked by 1 person

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