dear diary 01/09/2020

I kind of skipped the part where I was supposed to actively worry about the collapse of |western civilisation and moved straight to the point where I’m just fed up off it and sometimes wish it would do the decent thing and getting the collapsing bit over and done with it and just be collapsed already.

I look at what’s happening in America and try to, in my morbid little mind, transpose the burning and the looting and the shooting to  European, even maybe English, cities. I can see it pretty clearly, to be honest, panic on the streets of Dublin, Dundee, Humberside as Morrissey would have it. Not with so many guns. And even without nuclear holocausts, I can see Britain looking like something at the end of Theads within my life time, as short as that may be.

Is America falling to pieces? It often looks that way nowadays from where some of the rest of us are standing – and I think once America falls, the West will fall and I can’t even begin to imagine what that would look like. A flood of fanatics and chanting zombies and have-a-go head kickers before some better organised, more calculated evil rolled in from somewhere and began to feed all of us into the flames.

I think about my son, growing up in these times among the masks and conspiracies and  the collapse of law and order in modern day American cities and the whole world feeling wronged and tooled up looking for disproportionate revenge upon every wrongdoer, real or imagined and I have to say the world he’s going to grow up in is in no way how I imagined it might be – we wander this trembling wasteland with out rucksacks on moving through mobs of masked peasants, looking glumly through the windows of the closed down Bright House, it’s like Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, interbred with Threads and Boys from the Black Stuff…


  1. If you’re inclined to think along these lines, there’s nothing wrong with that, and I’d recommend giving r/collapse a look, if you haven;t already. It’s damn good for daily lurking, though joining a corporate site like Reddit seems mainly for the more uninhibited among us.

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