The End of the World Show

Love it or loathe it, America is the gyroscope at the centre of this world that holds everything together, more or less, most of the time. Sure, they have a history of doing evil deeds now and then, but nobody gets to wield that much power for that length of time without a few stress fractures and without a bit of evil leaking out – now and then.

Like a lot of people not living in America, I’ve grown up with American politics kind of droning on in the background, out of an old TV when I was a kid getting into my jim jams, more recently cursorily watched news that I liked to flatter myself I understood better when I did, now, pretty much constantly, on a dying laptop in a fly blown kitchen.

The gyroscope seems to be rattling off kilter. This is something we should all worry about – I think. Now American politics seems to be something that merits VERY close attention – it’s like a cultural and political asteroid is going to barrel through our atmosphere very soon and we can watch it, every night, through our digital windows, closer every night.

If America falls, we’ll fall soon after. There are forces at work, actively seeking to bring it down, and they’re in plain sight. Tonight, two old men with unwholesome pasts, one a reality TV star and the other one a man who can’t talk for 30 minutes without the key in his back winding down to a standstill and seems to forget what, where and who he is in mid sentence, are going to duke it out in front of the world like the world’s saddest rap battle and in a month or two, one of these old men with unwholesome pasts gets to spectate from a tower while the world rips itself to pieces below.

I’m not optimistic about the outcome, whatever the outcome. It really seems all roads lead to a burning rome, whichever old man with an unwholesome past gets to hold the fiddle.

Maybe we’re just all fucked.

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