Welcome to the long running, rusty and sputtering online engine of my addled brain – here you can find sloppily thrown together artwork to offend your eyes, badly produced music to jeopardise the health of your speakers and ears, and words to perturb your peaceful mind.

Mental health and the lack thereof, the agony and meagre ecstasy of relationships with other baffled humans, the struggle to find meaning in soul-less donkey work and the quest to find some kind of contentment in a world full of struggle and a mind full of rubbish – that’s it, basically.

It is, maybe above all things, an honest document of what it’s like to be constantly tearing everything down and then trying to build something back up again with the steadily dwindling pieces.

Laugh! At another person’s extravagant misfortunes!

Gasp! At the fetid breath of the yawning void!

Thrill! To the tedious spectacle of an old man shuffling in ever decreasing circles!

Recoil! In horror from his ill advised over-sharing!

Learn! How not to make an unmitigated disaster of your life!

You get the idea. Welcome to Mindpox.