I’m down on my luck, and short on time I’m going where the sun don’t shine and I’m not talking … More


I always imagined I’d be like one of those Beat weirdos, preferably William Burroughs, not necessarily with the wife shooting. … More

somewhere bad

So many times you could have made so many choices that wouldn’t have led you to here but after so … More

We’re going down, less in a blaze of glory, more in a crusted skidmark on the back of the toilet … More

baby legs

oh sweetheart, you’ve lost your baby legs

The Shaky World

This world you see is not the world in which you live. We’re on a chunk of rock, spinning as … More

Oh, it’s amazing. It’s fucking amazing. Here’s your options, fella. You can spend your days scooping shit from the sagging … More

look at the chimps

Look at the chimps, at the end of day – overtired, past the point where fun becomes friction, their top … More

sometimes we have to sacrifice some brain cells to the day – some irreversible trauma just to make it through, … More